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7 Kasi Business Ideas


In recent years, there have been endless talks about the local economy and local economic development (LED) plan. The increasing number of foreign-owned spaza shops eKasi and their success has ignited the entrepreneurial “mojo” in most young people in our respective communities. The reality of it all is that in South Africa politics have the last say and young people still have to carry the burden of municipal by-laws, expensive licences required for some businesses to operate, just to mention a few.

For thriving entrepreneurs, this is just another step to climb, nothing too big or too scary to tackle. South Africa’s townships have always been a hub for entrepreneurial activities and tourism. South Africa's informal sector contributes 8% of the country's GDP and supports 27% of all working people . The South African Local Economic Development Network values the informal economy at 28% of SA's GDP. Given the relevance of this input, there is a constant interest in developing actions on inclusive urban planning for the working poor.

These stats alone show how alive our townships are.

7 of the best Kasi Business Ideas.

  1. Food markets Social events have moved outdoors with food markets being the leading contender in this market. The market trend has caught on in many townships across the country, with many entrepreneurs launching their own food markets or cookouts catering for that market. These entrepreneurs are catering to a young and trendy crowd that is increasingly looking for authentic experiences – think food, fashion and music. The growth of this trend has also meant that major brands are looking to partner with such events.

Food Market

  1. Towing services The township market is beginning to see the emergence of new players in the towing service business. While still in its infancy, if you have expertise in the space now is the perfect time to jump in before the market becomes oversaturated. People in kasi own cars also.


  1. Laundry services On demand services continue to be a rising trend. The township marketing is embracing this trend in the form of laundry services. Just like the kasi complexes trend, the laundry service trend is being driven by the quest for greater convenience, mostly by millennials. This market has grown significantly in the past few months with companies in this space growing their offering and are starting to add a delivery option with branded vehicles.

Laundry Service

  1. Bakery Three ambitious ladies in sasolburg started their bakery business (The BreadShack) and today delivy to thousands of homes in the community. They say it all started with a dream of producing something local that the community could benefit from . Since we love bunny chows, kotas, dagwoods and deliciously baked delicacies, we decided to Bake them and sell them. The rest, as they say, is history.

  2. Internet café With many people working from home, some might need time away from their family members and may opt to work from an internet café instead. Job seekers can also make use of the café to update their CVs.

  3. Car wash business Washing cars is simple – all you need is a sponge, bucket, water and soap, and location. To start, ask your neighbours or colleagues if you can clean their cars and wash their cars in a parking lot space or offer to do it at the customer’s home. You can advertise your services at schools, local businesses, or the local market, and offer to wash cars at events.

  4. Recycling business A good idea is to start by servicing office parks and residential complexes that have a lot of rubbish to sort but may not have the time for recycling and sorting. You can charge for collecting, transporting, and sorting recyclable materials like paper and glass, and offer to help them to buy material like recycling bins to make your job easier. The biggest resource for this business is a bakkie.

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