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Metsimaholo Fm Goes Live


Metsimaholo FM 97.4mhz goes live!

The launch of Metsimaholo FM

The launch of Metsimaholo FM 97.4 is almost perfect, it comes at a critical time where people in our local communities actively want to participate in shaping the society. It is official the mics are on and lines are open at Metsimaholo FM for residents of Sasolburg and Metsimaholo at large to be a part of. according to the study by Rodero (2020)

“In the current crisis caused by covid-19, radio has stood out as being an essential medium to stay informed. The results indicate that radio is the medium that scores highest for its treatment of information about the pandemic.”

This will make sense because Radio is about companionship and the emotional connection with the listener. It’s live, like a human. So we went over to the station and had a chat with the founder Duncan L to learn more about the station. This is what he had to say.

About Metsimaholo FM

What is the radio format for Metsimaholo FM? We are not trying to re-invent radio, we are trying to work and improve on what is already there. So the format will be more of an urban commercial station.

What is your language of broadcast?

We are licensed to use English as the language of broadcast and we are going to deliver 50% of our content preferably in English. The best way to get everybody to understand what we are saying is through english. 25% of our content will be delivered in sesotho, based on its dominance on demographics. The rest of the remaining 25% will be shared amongst Afrikaans/Zulu/Xhosa and others.

What is your preferred Target Listener audience?

We do not want to be passive. We want to speak to people who are involved in the daily running of economy and society activities. People who want to raise legitimate issues affecting an ordinary person in our community. Most of our content will cater for the youth and people under the age of 60.

What role does radio play in educating and informing the listeners/community? We were living in a world that was going at a very fast speed and things were just happening and things started to slow down since the pandemic. Now we rely so much on radio for all the necessary information and education. People try to stay in and avoid going to places they used to be. Basically we are the bridge between the public/private sector and the community itself. Besides the pandemic radio is instant, it is the first point of contact, we are the first people to say breaking news and stop everything immediately.

How does technology trends influence local radio stations? Radio is a platform that has the ability of many dimensions. I do not see Youtube or TicTock competing with radio anytime soon. Youtube you need internet connection, to reach a radio you only need a set, the cheapest you can get is R50 once off. With us we are not competing with them we are trying to use them in our space to reach a wider audience. To explain let’s say Metsimaholo Fm is 3 dimensional we can say

  1. Radion on the frequency (97.4 fm)
  2. Radio on the internet (On our website/ On other online platforms)
  3. Visual of what we are doing, the same way content creators do their content. Also another possible channel is on the decoder with the digital migrations.

Is there a specific type of genre you are gunning for? We need to be dynamic. We are young and susceptible to change. We need to be versatile in what we do and play. Music is an art and art in any way takes time , and creativity to invest in. We are not going to sideline genres. We will open the door to all artists to have their music submitted to our playlist.

Is this a listener driven radio station? With power comes great responsibility. We will decide on most of the things but we will do so in the best interest and satisfaction of the listener. We will cater for the listener, all day.